Non-destructive ultrasonic tomography for concrete pavement evaluation: signal processing and image analysis of crucial parameters

Lucio Salles de Salles, Jose Tadeu Balbo, Lev Khazanovich


In recent years, due to the destructive and unproductive character of pavement specimen extraction, pavement maintenance technology intensified the use of non-destructive techniques for pavement evaluation which resulted in the development of several devices and evaluation methods. This paper describes the use of technology based on low frequency ultrasonic tomography for evaluation of concrete pavement parameters. The equipment was applied in three experimental sections with different concrete pavements built at the University of Sao Paulo campus. The ultrasonic signal processing is given. The results analysis enables the efficient and reliable identification of thickness and reinforcement position within the concrete slab. Construction problems were evidenced in one of experimental sections with thickness deficiencies and reinforcement in a position below projected. Furthermore, the use of a novel concrete quality indicator was correlated with the presence of transverse cracks and alkali-silica reaction within the sections.

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