Experimental study of the influence of a neighboring building on the efforts in a high building due to the actions of the wind

Gregorio Sandro Vieira, José Luis Vital de Brito, Acir Mércio Loredo-Souza


This paper presents a series of results with respect to the shear stresses in the base, tipping moment and torsion acting in a building obtained through an experimental wind tunnel study using the standard building proposed by the Commonwealth Advisory Aeronautical Research Concil (CAARC) as building reference. In the efforts determination, the interference of a neighboring building with similar geometric characteristics to the CAARC was simulated, considering variations of positioning and spacing in relation to the reference building. It was concluded that the presence of the neighboring building increased the values of the efforts in the reference building in a significant number of directions considered. In the case of the considered deviations and the proposed provisions by this study, it was concluded that the neighborhood factor that would contemplate the majority of the results obtained in the tests should increase the efforts due to the wind action by at least 60% in relation to the values obtained for the reference building considered isolated.

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