Analysis of the effects of soil-structure interaction in Reinforced Concrete Wall Buildings on Shallow Foundation

Marcell Gustavo Chagas Santos, Márcio Roberto Silva Corrêa


In this paper presents a study of the effects caused by soil-structure interaction in reinforced concrete wall building on shallow foundation. It was verified the influence of displacements of supports on the redistribution of internal forces in structural wall and redistribution of loading of foundation. The superstructure was discretized using shell finite elements and the soil-structure interaction was evaluated by iterative methods that consider the rigidity of the building, the soil heterogeneity and the group effect of foundation. An alternative model whose the soil-structure interaction is considered in a simplified way and the concrete walls are discretized by bar elements was proposed and evaluated. The results indicate that the soil-structure interaction produces significant modification of the stress flow, with larger influence on the lower walls, as well as a tendency of settlements standardization and redistribution of load to supports with smaller settlements.

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