Punching shear in concrete reinforced flat slabs with steel fibers and shear reinforcement

Taís Helena Musse, Leandro Mouta Trautwein, Ronaldo Barros Gomes, Elyson Andrew Pozo Liberati, Gilson Natal Guimarães


Steel fibers in reinforced concrete increase the performance of slab-column connection once they increase ductility and energy absorption capacity of the concrete. The use of fibers in flat slabs may increase strength and change the mode of failure. The objective of this work is to present an experimental evaluation of punching shear strength of reinforced concrete flat slab with steel fibers and punching shear reinforcement. Eight square slabs, size 1800 mm by 1800 mm by 130mm, were loaded until failure by punching shear around the column. The models were divided in two groups, depending on the type of the concrete used (with or without steel fibers). The steel fiber volume used in the slabs of second group was of 0.9%. Each group was composed of four slabs: one without shear reinforcement and three with shear reinforcement (studs) distributed radially around the column. The use of steel fibers increased the ultimate strength of all flat slabs. In one of the slabs, the association of steel fibers with shear reinforcement changed the failure surface from outside to inside the punching shear reinforcement region.

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