Global stability of buildings’ structural systems considering beam-wall connections

  • Carlos Wilson da Silva Diniz Universidade Federal de Alagoas
  • Eduardo Nobre Lages Universidade Federal de Alagoas
  • Aline da Silva Ramos Barboza Universidade Federal de Alagoas


Several factors influence the stability of concrete structures, such as building height, structural components’ rigidity, bracing system, beam-wall connection rigidity, among others. Global structural stability is evaluated according to NBR 6118/2014 by the α e γz parameters. This article aims to evaluate the global structural stability concrete structures considering the eccentricity of the beam-wall connections. With the aid of software Abaqus© and TQS©, reticulated models were analyzed to evaluate the contribution of the eccentricity of the beam-wall connections on the global stability and the rigidity of the connections. The geometric nonlinear effects were disregarded in these analyses. The stability parameters from NBR6118/2014 were evaluated in the frame models, as well as the flexibilization criteria from the TQS© software, LEPMOL e REDMOL. The results of the displacement analysis show an increase of 26.45%, comparing the centered connection to the more eccentric connection.
Mar 20, 2019
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DINIZ, Carlos Wilson da Silva; LAGES, Eduardo Nobre; BARBOZA, Aline da Silva Ramos. Global stability of buildings’ structural systems considering beam-wall connections. RIEM - IBRACON Structures and Materials Journal, [S.l.], v. 12, n. 4, mar. 2019. ISSN 1983-4195. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 17 oct. 2019.