Parametric analysis of AAR influent factors on thin-walled columns

  • Edmilson Lira Madureira Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
  • Edmilson Correia Rodrigues Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte


The chemical reaction involving the alkalis of the cement and some minerals of the concrete aggregates, the Alkali-Aggregate Reaction or AAR, promotes swelling and damages on that material. Despite its development stage, the problem formulation still lacks refinement. The numerical simulation is an important resource for the evaluation of structural damages due to AAR, and their repairs. The aim of this work is the numerical simulation of concrete thin-walled columns, affected by the AAR, from the finite element approximation on an orthotropic nonlinear framework, and a thermodynamic model designed to the assessment of the AAR swelling, with highlight on the compressive stress, the reinforcement and the temperature influences on the phenomenon. The obtained results revealed that the AAR induced the concrete strength decrease and the consequent reduction in preventive safety margin to the material failure, being more precocious as higher the temperature.