Investigation of the influence of different surface regularization methods for cylindrical concrete specimens in axial compression tests

Rennan Medeiros, Beatriz Anselmo Pereira, Gustavo Sipp, Thiago Delfino


This study was performed with the aim to evaluate the influence of different regularization methods for cylindrical concrete specimens in simple compression test. It was compared the 4 more used test in Brazil and in the world. To develop this research, 4 mixes were determined, 2 of the group 1 and 2 of the group 2 of resistance according to the NBR 8953. Compressive tests were carried out with 7 and 28 days for the 4 regularization methods. The findings of this study point that the method established by the NBR is the more effective to evaluate the 4 fck studied because it presents lower dispersion of values obtained from the tests, and in almost all the cases, higher average of rupture test. The method by NBR 5738 achieved expected fck in all the tests.

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