Experimental study on the flexural behavior of large-scale rectangular concrete-filled steel tubular beams

Jacqueline Maria Flor, Ricardo Hallal Fakury, Rodrigo Barreto Caldas, Francisco Carlos Rodrigues, Afonso Henrique M. Araújo


This paper presents a series of test results of large-scale rectangular concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) beams to explore their performance under pure bending. Concrete-filling tests were initially carried out on two beam specimens of 12-m in length to investigate the feasibility of casting horizontally large-scale rectangular tubes. A total of six 6-m long specimens were subjected to flexural test afterward, including four CFST beams and two steel hollow section (SHS) beams for comparison. The test results showed that the rectangular CFST beams behaved in a relatively ductile manner. The concrete infilling enhanced the flexural behavior and performance of the steel tubes. Finally, the current Brazilian specifications for the design of steel-concrete composite beams showed suitable to predict the moment capacity of CFST beams.

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